Kindness is Key

Along with my One Little Word for the year, the mantra "Kindness is Key" surfaced around Christmas time this past year. It came up in many different ways and in many different contexts. One example is that a couple of relationships in my life have included much un-kindness. There are those who would say that forgiveness must include reconciliation, but I believe differently. I believe there are always consequences to our actions, some good and some bad, and that forgiveness doesn't always include reconciliation. There are those who disagree. And I'm ok with that. I have forgiven those who have been unkind. And I believe that is what God calls me to do, to forgive. My desire is to move on with kindness in my thoughts and attitudes toward those who have been unkind to me and to let the relationships go. To no longer engage in a relationship with those who are unable to be kind is a change for me. I am so looking forward to this year of change.


It's time.
I set this blog up over 6 years ago.
Fear has kept me from doing anything more with it.
But 2014 is the year I'm changing that!

I have been choosing a word for each of the past 7 years and making that my word for the year. It's been an amazing journey ~ seeing how one little word can make me look at life so differently. I first heard about this idea here and here. So grateful for this thing called the world wide web.

2007: Love
2008: Joy
2009: Faith
2010: Hope
2011: Pray
2012: Believe
2013: Trust
2014: Change

In years past, I chose my word. For 2014, my word found me. And what a blessing I think it will be! I joined Ali's "One Little Word" class this year and am looking forward to her prompts and ideas for helping to make 2014 a year of change.